Workshop A: Symbolizing Data

In this workshop we'll learn how to download, import, and symbolize geographic information for the state of Maine.  The goals for this first session are to learn how to do the following things:

  • Import your data into QGIS.

  • Create three new files:  land.tif , hillshade.tif , and islands.shp .

  • Change symbology and transparency settings for your data.

  • Create a layout using the Print Composer.

To complete the tutorial, please download this (linked) TIF file.
The videos show where to download the "township file"  -  but you can also download this file:

Good luck on the videos!


Install QGIS, Download Data

Time to get to work! Install QGIS on your personal computer and acquire the data for the workshop. Minute Markers -2:53- Good step-by-step site for Mac installation. -3:11- Download towns (.shp) file. -5:31- Compressed files. -6:37- Download elevation (.tif) file.


Welcome to QGIS! These are a few of the basics for navigation.


This video shows how to take a digital elevation model and create hillshade and boolean rasters.

Select Islands

In this video we will take a closer look at selecting specific objects.

Labels, Symbology

Take a deeper dive with this next video in the series.


In this final video of the workshop, we put all the pieces together.