Benjamin Meader

Cartography, GIS Consulting, Fieldwork

Greetings!  Although I often work in tandem with other mapmakers, designers, and educators, I am the sole proprietor and owner of Rhumb Line Maps.  In 2011, I started working at Middlebury College as an Assistant in Science Instruction for GIS (2 years) and then began freelancing after a fellowship in Mongolia.  I now have between 10 and 15 clients a year on dozens of projects that cover a wide variety of geospatial applications.
I currently work out of South Bristol, Maine.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Designer, Analyst

Hannah Dean

Artwork, GIS Consulting

Hannah is an old woman who lives in a shoe of an apartment in DC - but it is a pretty nice shoe.  Her day job involves working in Geographic Information Systems and mapping out trees and drop inlets for the National Park Service.  At night, she draws until her ink runs out.
Look here for more examples of her artwork: