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Cartography, Data Viz, GIS Consulting

We strive for bold, beautiful design backed by meticulous research. We do everything: data management, data creation, analysis, graphics, layout - right down to your finished product. Clients come to us from different fields: recreation maps to LiDAR modeling, municipal planning to social science research.

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Whether your project involves GIS analysis, interactive and/or dynamic media, or professional cartography, Rhumb Line Maps has got you covered. Want to make a map yourself? Let us teach you how with an online video, interactive diagram, or an entire course.

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". . . Yes, but how about geography?  No, I don’t merely want a new geography.  I want a geography of my own, a geography that shall tell me what I want to know and omit everything else.  [. . .]  Put all the mountains and the cities and the oceans on your maps and then tell us only about the people who live in those places and why they are there and where they came from and what they are doing  -  a sort of human interest story applied to geography.  And please stress the places that are really interesting and don’t pay quite as much attention to the others . . ."

- from a letter to Hendrik Willem van Loon